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What if I told you that most of the fights, disagreements, and arguments you've had could be resolved?


Have you ever said before in your relationship these five essential words: "I Know I'm Not Crazy"? We all have, right? Or have you ever been in an argument with your partner, and it went a little like this . . .


"Every time I bring up this green jacket you make me feel like I'm crazy and I don't know what I'm talking about" and the partner responds, "Well first of all, the jacket is blue, so you need to get your story right first! If you've ever had a similar conversation like this, you have to read What Is Your Communication DNA? because you're not crazy! And nine times out of ten the people in your life that you love and you have a hard time communicating with, are not crazy either!


However, discovering your core Communication DNA is half the battle. This book will not only help you understand who you are in the relationship, but it will also help you understand the people that you date, your spouse, your friends or even your kids.

What Is Your Communication DNA

Expected to ship by the beginning of March
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